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What People Say

The path of transformation is not straightforward or easy. Let me be your guide.

Zuriel has given me the power to know that I am in control of this experience and that whatever is - is because of my choices and actions - for bad or for good- and the knowledge that at any point/ moment/ second~ the power to change that is completely mine. You've pushed me to feel into everything and rather than depend on you - you've equipped me to unravel the knowledge I have to not only heal, but to move forward daily regardless of the "chaos" that is attempting to conquer. You've given me the gift of not caring what anyone else's judgment is (and what that is- their own mirror), and just to be who I am. To remember who I am. Who I truly am.

Her ability to do the heaviest work and still laugh with me and make fun and joke- your humility and your lack of judgement - you've profoundly changed my existence, along with my ancestors going backwards and forwards

Kim Christopherson

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