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Bringing it back into the human experience can be challenging, confusing and disorienting.
Let me be your guide.

If you are not sure which is for you, please fill in the contact form and I will help you decide.

5 Week Deep Dive Master Key to Ascension

Here we take a deep look into the self and any outdated constructs on an the energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical planes. Tailored to the goals of the individual. Be prepared to face the self and all aspects blocking the truest expression in wholeness. Meeting one hour per week with check ins in-between this is a continuous shift into connecting with true authentic self and higher frequencies of consciousness. We will be moving through very basic human aspects to dimensional and parallel facets with tools to support your journey moving forward. 

Integration in to Human Reality Session

It is a beautiful time in humanity to be having big spiritual experiences in the cosmos and higher states of consciousness. Bringing it back into the human experience can be challenging, confusing and disorienting. This session is for those who have had big experiences with the unknown mystery of the universe and are needing reincorporate and integrate back into human life grounded with path clarity.   

Deep Transformational Wholeness Session 

This session is for those looking for a massive shift and alignment back to self and wholeness. We will be using Divine Healing Master Key to Ascension to target stuckness in expressing the true self. From looking at environmental and ancestral dna belief systems that need to be shifted, to quantum light body surgery,  connecting with the akashic soul records and higher dimensional planes of existence.  We will deeply look at what needs to shift so you can express the full you in all that you are and follow your passions and purpose in your human experience!

All I can tell you is that there are very few spiritually gifted people like Zuriel on the planet. She is a clear channel of love and holds a plethora of incredible gifts that allow her to see what most of us can’t.

Layna Hamilton

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