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About me

I am here on earth to be in the fullest expression of my truest self. To fully embrace the human experience through infinite intelligence, remembering my quantum multidimensionality and Unity Consciousness.  

Zuriel Kaliyah Morah

We all have the ability to touch and embrace the purest love of source and higher levels of consciousness by seeing ourselves and understanding that we are divinely whole. Once we realize that our existence here is a game to play, there are no limitations to the abundance, love, joy and wonder that can be experienced. 

I have a deep rooted background in shamanism and branching out into being practitioners or certified in hypnotherapy, alternative healing therapy, cognitive behavior, life coaching, divine healing and the master key to ascension, quantum alchemy and herbology. I use my wisdom and knowledge to first and foremost to guide the self through its ascension process and assist in guiding others into the self and higher states of consciousness.

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Five minutes with Zuriel and I knew without any doubt that she deeply saw me and had the capacity to guide on my individualized path to wholeness.

Miriam Barth

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